After decades of clamoring for more unity à la European Union for the African continent, the African Union (AU) may have just taken the first step with a literally boundary-breaking move: a continental passport. It would allow "visa-free travel for African citizens within their own continent by 2020." For now, it is being rolled out to African heads of state and AU officials but the grand idea is that any African citizen would be able to apply for one.

The part that intrigues me as an African is what it could mean for pan-Africanism at the individual level. A majority of the 54 countries inherited their borders and with those lines come divisions that shape internal and regional politics. When you look at relationships like 'Françafrique', trade is still influenced by colonial ties so could this stir a shift towards a mentality motivated by the continental good? One where working in silos until a country "makes it" just won't cut it?

I wanted to hear from African millennials living and working on the continent on what kind of ripple this passport could have. Read what they had to say below.